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HBS National Corporation provides a deliverable and is a proven service organization with a given standard of world class processes in a building services organization. The various customers serviced in a wide variety of markets including medical facilities, federal, state and local government buildings, world corporate headquarter buildings, such as Chevron and Monsanto world headquarters, corporate/commercial buildings, chemical plants and refineries, nuclear facilities airports, services/manufacturing sector, education, retail, financial institutions, convention centers and public venues.

In the scope of facilities maintenance, our customers come to us for janitorial, operations which can be tailored to meet a vast variety of service offerings such as Janitorial, minor maintenance, lighting, landscaping, pest control, parking lot cleaning and restriping, services. We deliver these facilities maintenance services efficiently, effectively, professionally, and environmentally-friendly with the HBS National Corporations Green Cleaning program. We are interested in what our customers want if they choose stand-alone offerings or bundle packages we will tailor to your company's specific facilities maintenance needs.
HBS National Corporation has a strong customer retention rate attests to the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of the facilities maintenance services we deliver each day.

The key to our success is incomparable innovation in both facility technology and leading-edge initiatives like the HBS National Corporation Green Clean program. Our customers and competitors alike look to HBS National Corporation as the leader in integrated facilities maintenance.

The green movement is not new but has evolved and come to influence how we make decisions and conduct business. It has become ingrained in the corporate culture and impacts the work environment inspiring inhabitants to practice environmental responsibility.

HBS National Corporation embraced the sustainability culture in the late seventies, indeed, leading the charge at times and setting industry standards. We retain all the knowledge and best practices of the traditional methods and have applied them to our sustainability programs—offering new service lines as we move along the sustainability continuum.